• Lonesome Day launches Dry Lightning

    Randall Deaton and Lonesome Day Records have announced the launch of a new label imprint to be known as Dry Lightning Records. Its purpose is specifically to offer their non-bluegrass projects a separate brand identity in the market. At the same

  • Shotgun Holler to Lonesome Day

    Talk about moving fast! Kentucky mandolinist Shawn Brock was inspired in February to start a new bluegrass band. Now in August he's got the band, Shotgun Holler, and a record label contract with Lonesome Day Records. Of course it helps that he's

  • Busy year for Lonesome Day Records

    We reported in November 2013 about Randall Deaton and Lonesome Day Records taking on a new partner, offering the small independent label the opportunity to record and release on a more aggressive schedule. It will also allow Deaton to expand

  • Shock Ink to work with Lonesome Day

    In November of 2013 we reported on changes at Lonesome Day Records. Label President Randall Deaton has taken on a new partner, Jeff Carter, CEO of Viamedia. In addition to many years of expertise in media marketing, Jeff's investment will allow

  • Big move for Lonesome Day Records

    Randall Deaton and Lonesome Day Records are making a big play in the bluegrass market, announcing a new partner and plans for a major expansion. And not just any partner. Jeff Carter, co-founder of cable advertising giant Viamedia, has purchased a

  • It’s Christmas Time for Jeff Parker

    Earlier this Summer we told you about Jeff Parker's next CD, a Christmas album due in October from Lonesome Day. The record will be titled It's Christmas Time, with a debut single, Step Into My Christmas from Elton John, due October

  • Tim Shelton to Lonesome Day

    Lonesome Day Records has announced the signing of Tim Shelton to a multi-project deal. Shelton had until this year been the lead singer and guitarist for NewFound Road, a contemporary bluegrass group that was mixing pop and blues influences in their

  • Jeff Clair to Lonesome Day

    Lonesome Day Records has announced the signing of Jeff Clair to the label, with a new project scheduled for next year. Clair's debut album, They Called Him Jesus, was released in late 2012. It was warmly greeted by fans of traditional

  • Go Parker… go straight to Christmas

    It seems we all love Christmas music, and we all love our favorite artists, which makes holiday-themed albums from popular artists a recurring part of the Christmas tradition. The latest bluegrasser taking this route is Jeff Parker, whose strong voice and