• Kyle Perkins Steps Forward

    After solidly backing up JD Crowe and the New South and American Drive on bass, as well as playing some dates now with Kenny and Amanda Smith, Kyle Perkins is stepping front and center. His new CD, Take Me Back, is

  • Bad weekend for bass players

    After learning about Carl White's auto accident over the weekend, we heard from Dwight McCall (American Drive) that their bass player, Kyle Perkins, also wrecked his car on Saturday morning. Like Carl, Kyle lost control of his car on slick roads

  • American Drive to debut at IBMA

    So what happens when an enduring bluegrass institution grinds to a halt? In the case of J.D. Crowe & The New South, whose nearly 40 year run is coming to an end with Crowe's impending retirement, a new band is set

  • Rural Rhythm VIP Showcase

    This post is a contribution from Christy Reid, one of our 2010 IBMA correspondents. She will be reporting on her experiences at IBMA as a member of Lou Reid & Carolina. One look inside the door of Fisk Room 1 and

  • IBMA Special Awards 2010

    Like any modern awards show, IBMA hands out a number of the trophies earlier in the day, prior to the gala production scheduled for later this evening. These include both awards in more arcane, industry-oriented categories (liner notes, graphic design,

  • New faces in The New South

    J.D. Crowe & The New South has two new members to announce for 2010. Kyle Perkins has come aboard to fill the bass spot recently vacated by John Bowman (now playing fiddle with The Boxcars). Just 24 years old, Kyle had