• Jr. Williams signs with Mountain Fever Records

    Mountain Fever Records has announced the signing of veteran multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jr. Williams to the label for a new solo project. Williams, a Kentucky native, has been a part of several popular bluegrass acts over his career, where he has

  • Jr Williams gets a pacemaker installed

    Jr Williams, in the hospital on Wednesday, and getting the oil changed on Thursday Jr Williams, the gregarious banjo player with NewTown spent the past two days in the hospital getting a pacemaker installed. He tells us that his heart rate had

  • New members elected to IBMA Board

    When the Board of Directors of the International Bluegrass Music Association meets next week in Nashville, three new Directors will be seated. They were elected in a special election to fill the seats of Board members who resigned late last

  • Talking Newtown with Kati and Jr.

    Earlier this month we caught up with Jr. Williams and Kati Penn Williams of NewTown to talk about their current album, Time Machine, their new baby, and being an official showcase artist during World of Bluegrass.  

  • Terry Poirier moves on from Newtown

    Though Jr. Williams and Kati Penn-Williams of Newtown may not have scored the first baby born in 2014, they do have the distinction of making the first major personnel announcement of the new year. Jr. informs us today that their long time bass player, Terry

  • Welcome Jessi Williams

    Forget about Newtown... let's talk new baby! Jr Williams and Kati Penn-Williams celebrated the birth of a daughter on New Year's Eve. Jessi Leigh Harper Williams was born yesterday morning, weighing in at 6 lbs and 4 oz. Jr.'s first reaction was a

  • Time Machine – NewTown

    Over the years, Lexington, KY has served as home to a number of talented bluegrass musicians, perhaps most notably J.D. Crowe and, in the 1970s, the now-famous early incarnations of the New South that headlined at Lexington’s Red Slipper Lounge.

  • Time Machine from Newtown

    Time Machine, the next album from Newtown, is due to hit on November 5. It will be their first project for Pisgah Ridge, a Crossroads affiliate designed for up-and-coming bluegrass acts ready to move up to the next level. Though they