• Beard introduces Josh Swift model reso-guitar

    Beard Guitars in Maryland has introduced its latest signature model, for Josh Swift, reso-guitarist with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. And yes... it's a purple guitar. Josh designed the Josh Swift Signature model with Paul Beard and, over the course of three

  • Close call for Doyle and the boys

    We all love getting to see our favorite bluegrass artists close to home, but we can sometimes forget how much traveling they have to do to get close to us. Not only is all that road time tedious and unfulfilling,

  • Gathering – Aaron Ramsey

    Aaron Ramsey may be best known for his role as the mandolin player for Mountain Heart, but on his recent solo project, Gathering, he takes on almost every role imaginable within a bluegrass project. Ramsey not only showcases his noteworthy

  • Doyle did what!?

    Long time fans probably know that Doyle Lawson can play all the bluegrass instruments, and quite well. His first real job in bluegrass was playing banjo with Jimmy Martin in the 1960s, followed by a gig with J.D. Crowe on guitar,

  • Welcome Cager Swift!

    Josh Swift, resonator guitarist with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, celebrated a major event this week - the birth of his son. Here's his play-by-play. "On March 24th my wife, Tobi, gave birth to our first child, Cager Glynn Swift. Up

  • Josh Miller to NewFound Road

    Wow... things move fast in the bluegrass world! Just a short while after the sudden announcement that Jr. Williams was leaving NewFound Road comes news of their hiring of another red-headed banjo picker. Josh Miller, formerly with Carrie Hasler & Hard Rain,