• For a Season – Matt Wallace

    One of the latest sidemen to make a solo debut is bass player Matt Wallace. A Knoxville, TN native who has done stints with Newton & Thomas, Paul Williams & the Victory Trio, David Parmley & Continental Divide, and Audie

  • Audie Blaylock and Backroad Gold

    Are you a fan of the Travel Channel... or the popular genre of antiquing and restoration on TV these days? If so you are liable to hear some fine bluegrass when you tune in to Travel's newest show, Backroad Gold with

  • Debut single from Matt Wallace

    Pinecastle has announced a March 11 release date for For A Season, a solo project from Knoxville bass player and vocalist, Matt Wallace. The album features Matt and a number of other very talented singers, including Paul Brewster, Jesse Gregory,

  • Wasson/Hymer depart American Drive

    American Drive, who formed from the remaining members of the New South when J.D. Crowe retired at the end of 2012, has announced some personnel changes. Guitarist and vocalist Rickey Wasson and banjo picker Josh Hymer are leaving the group. Wasson wants

  • Josh Hymer to American Drive

    J.D. Crowe's decision to retire from active touring at the end of 2012 has had a number of ripple effects within the bluegrass world. Among them has been the end of a defining bluegrass institution, The New South. For nearly 40

  • Church House Hymns II from David Parmley

    Less than a year after announcing his return to active performing, David Parmley has a new recording of sacred music to share with his many fans. Church House Hymns, Vol. II was recorded with his road band, Continental Divide, and features

  • Matt Wallace, Josh Hymer to Continental Divide

    Big changes have been announced this week for David Parmley and Continental Divide. After a period of relative inactivity, Parmley has announced two new hires, two new recording projects and a renewed aggressiveness with regard to his music career. Matt Wallace