• More from Big Hillbilly Bluegrass in Oman

    Here’s another report from Bob Perilla, who is in Oman with the better part of his Big Hillbilly Bluegrass. They will be performing in the northeast African nation for two weeks for the US State Department, and sharing stories of their travels with us

  • Jon Glik fiddlin’ in Tokyo

    We heard this week from Kaz Inaba, who shared some photos and a few words about a show this week in Tokyo where he welcomed famed Maryland-based fiddler Jon Glik to the stage. "A few days ago, on May 14, my

  • Jon Glik on the fiddle again

    Jon Glik, 56, one of bluegrass music's top fiddlers, is fit enough able to play again after a year where he almost died, according to a report on Baltimore's Eyewitness News a few days ago. Regular readers will recall our previous

  • Jon Glik Medical Assistance

    Jon Glik's fiddle playing can be heard on some of my favorite records. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge Del McCoury fan. Don't Stop The Music may be my all time favorite McCoury album, and Glik's fiddle plays