• Friday at Grey Fox 2016

    Friday of Grey Fox 2016 was jam packed full of a wide variety of traditional and progressive bluegrass and related musics, legends, and new faces and sounds. Whether one wanted to see names that they had known and followed for

  • Seize The Day – DelFest 2016

    Seize The Day…. In one way or another, that phrase became the catchphrase for an entire music festival this past Memorial Day Weekend, 2016. Seize The Day… Isn’t that how many of us feel as we arrive FINALLY to what is for most,

  • Alison Brown in American Songwriter

    American Songwriter has a nice interview with banjo maven and Compass Records President Alison Brown, on the occasion of her DVD release, Live At Blair. This is a concert with her quartet, along with multi-instrumentalist Joe Craven. The quartet is consists