• New lineup with Marty Raybon

    Marty Raybon shared some info about the latest lineup of his touring bluegrass band. In addition to bringing on temps to play banjo while Chis Wade is undergoing cancer treatment, Marty has hired Jason Leek on bass and Tim Laughlin

  • The debut of HeartTown

    We just heard from Jason Leek, bass player with the Beachley & Scott Band, with an announcement about a major change in their group. "The Beachley and Scott Band could not have had a more successful debut year! We’ve been very

  • Beachley & Scott Band announces members

    We heard again yesterday from Darren Beachley with more news about his new band venture with Barry Scott. Darren wanted to share details about the musicians who will be touring with he and Barry, and a few words about his

  • Leek/Scott partnership fizzles

    Here's some unfortunate news on what was hailed only weeks ago as a promising new partnership. The agreement we announced on September 7 between Barry Scott and Jason Leek for the management of Barry Scott and Second Wind has fallen apart.

  • Jason Leek rejoins Barry Scott

    With this morning's news about Mike Rogers taking up with Doyle Lawson, the question arises... "but what about Jason Leek?" And who better to answer that question thatn Jason himself, who shares this update. "Late in the year of 2005 Barry

  • More changes in Quicksilver

    Doyle Lawson has made another set of changes to the Quicksilver lineup. Dale Perry will come on board to play banjo and sing bass, and Jason Leek will play bass and sing tenor. The new band will take the stage