• Bootleg John from Jason Davis

    Junior Sisk's crackerjack banjo picker, Jason Davis, is back with his second solo project at the ripe old age of 25. Like his 2008 effort, Steppin' Out, he has enlisted an array of young hotshots like himself, together with a

  • Jason Davis to Ramblers Choice

    Jason Davis will soon be the new banjo picker with Junior Sisk and Rambler's Choice. Darrell Wilkerson is leaving the band in April, and Jason will step in at that time. Davis has been playing with Grasstowne since the group formed

  • Grasstowne on Blue Plate Special

    Grasstowne will be appearing on a rare Saturday edition of Blue Plate Special on WDVX FM in Knoxville, TN on February 9 at noon (EST). WDVX broadcasts at 89.9 FM, and listeners worldwide can catch the show via live streaming from

  • Jason Davis Steppin Out

    We've mentioned banjo picker Jason Davis several times here on Bluegrass Today. Before he was old enough to vote, Jason had been featured on CDs from Michelle Nixon & Drive and Huber Banjos, and started touring with Kenny & Amanda

  • Banjo CD from Jason Davis

    2007 has been a very good year for Jason Davis. This 18 year old banjo player was chosen to pick with the newly-formed Grasstowne as 2006 was drawing to a close, and has gotten rave reviews for his playing on

  • Jason Davis to Grasstowne

    Brance and I recorded interviews today with Phil Leadbetter and Alan Bibey, where they each discussed their new band venture with Steve Gulley, Grasstowne. We'll release the interview with Phil as a GrassCast later this week, and Alan's the following. One

  • Cuppa ‘Jo – new Huber Banjos CD

    Following up on the critical success of their Team Flathead CD, Huber Banjos is set to release a second volume of recordings featuring popular bluegrass pickers on new Huber Banjos. Where Team Flathead focused on the banjos themselves, with each

  • New banjo man with Kenny & Amanda Smith

    Kenny & Amanda Smith are delighted to announce that their new banjo player will be Jason Davis, recently of Michelle Nixon & Drive. Only 17 years old, Jason has already established himself as a serious professional picker, and he is