• Harmony Singing Made Easy DVD

    The latest instructional DVD release from The Murphy Method is Harmony Singing Made Easy, featuring Bill Evans, Janet Beazley, and Chris Stuart along with Murphy Henry. Using some very familiar jam session standards - Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Bury Me Beneath the

  • Chris Stuart & Janet Beazley

    We heard this week from Chris Stuart, west coast singer/songwriter extraordinaire, with some news about his musical endeavors. Primarily, it involves a name change that acknowledges his long-time musical partnership with Janet Beazely, who has played banjo and sang alongside Stuart

  • Chris Stuart – Crooked Man

    On my personal list of bluegrass artists who rarely get the exposure and credit they deserve, songwriter Chris Stuart's name is always prominent. Songwriters generally toil in the shadows, and folks in the business are among the few who keep