• In the Waiting – Kelley Nelson

    Since its beginnings, bluegrass has been closely connected to Gospel music, with many performers choosing to always include one or two Gospel songs on their records. Entirely Gospel albums have also been quite popular with bluegrass fans. Vocalist Kelley Nelson,

  • New single from Kelley Nelson

    Virginia songwriter Kelley Nelson has released a single ahead of her upcoming album, In The Waiting. The song is The Son is Always With Me in the Mine, written by Sandy Shortridge. Steve Gulley produced the all-Gospel project, which was recorded at his

  • New bass player for NewFound Road

    Rounder Records has announced that there has been a personnel change within the ranks of NewFound Road. Jamey Booher, formerly of Grasstowne and The Booher Family, is replacing Randy Barnes on bass in the contemporary bluegrass quartet. A native of Johnson City,

  • Jamey Booher to Grasstowne

    Grasstowne has announced a personnel change, with Jamey Booher coming on board to play upright bass. His first show with the band will be on April 13. Jamey has been a member of his family's band, The Boohers, since 2000, along