• The Music Shines On…Remembering Tom Paley

    Tom Paley (top left) with the New Lost City Ramblers This remembrance of the late Tom Paley is a contribution from James Reams. I first met Tom Paley at a jam session during an old-time fiddle festival in Brooklyn. I didn’t recognize

  • Let’s Make Bluegrass Great Again!

    In light of the recent success of a similar campaign slogan, I decided to shamelessly adopt it for bluegrass. Hey, if it can do for bluegrass what it did for the President elect, then the music world is about to

  • Free bluegrass coming to Phoenix

    Bluegrass lovers in and around Phoenix, AZ will get a treat when Porter Barn Wood celebrates a Grand Opening with their 1st Annual Bluegrass Festival at the 7th Street location. From 10:00 a.m. 'till 6:00 p.m. on November 5, there will

  • Special video from James Reams

    Bluegrass balladeer James Reams has released yet another music video from his current album, Rhyme & Season. Special is a train song James has thought about recording for some time, and decided to include on this project which he uses to explore the

  • $100 Funeral video from James Reams

    Here's another concept music video from James Reams and his current release, Rhyme & Season. The album is a collection of his songs centered around the theme of urban homelessness, something that Reams experienced as a teenager, and is eager to

  • Born To Roll video from James Reams

    Bi-coastal grasser James Reams has dropped another video from his current CD, Rhyme & Season. James maintains a band on the east coast and one on the west, both billed as The Barnstormers. For this number, Born To Roll, it's his