• Spaceview/Spacegrass t-shirt honors Tony Rice

    Colorado banjoist Jake Schepps has designed a memorial t-shirt honoring the late Tony Rice, based on his notorious love of vintage watches. Deep Rice-ophiles have long known of his history collecting, repairing, and wearing classic Accutron timepieces, a habit that has

  • Photos from the Banjo Summit

    Thanks to Kevin Slick, President of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society, for sharing these photos of the The Banjo Summit, hosted in Fort Collins, CO November 14-16. The Summit was organized by Jake Schepps, and featured instruction from Tony Trischka,

  • Banjo Summit launches in Colorado

    Colorado banjoist Jake Schepps will be no stranger to Bluegrass Today readers, as both a noted player and a correspondent/reviewer. Though he came up in the bluegrass world, Jake's interests have since expanded to include modern classical music on the five

  • Burning the Candle at Both Ends

    Three years ago today I caused a serious car accident driving home to Boulder from the RockyGrass Festival in Lyons, Colorado. At about 2:30 a.m. I briefly nodded off to sleep, and drifted into oncoming traffic. I snapped awake a

  • Round Window Radio from Jake Schepps

    Colorado banjo player Jake Schepps has come up with a creative way to fund his various musical musings, and keep the many fans of his experimental five string projects in the loop. He's created a new web site, Round Window Radio,

  • Flatiron video from Jake Schepps Quartet

    Colorado banjo man Jake Schepps has spent much of the past few years attempting to redefine how the five string banjo is viewed in the music world. Coming to the instrument initially from a fascination with bluegrass, something he retains

  • Jake Schepps Quintet – Entwined

    As sure a sign as any that bluegrass has reached a level of real maturity and acceptance as a contemporary art form is the number of cross genre projects that have been produced of late. Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo with Bill

  • Jake Schepps on the mend

    A month ago we shared some frightening news about Colorado banjoist Jake Schepps, and the terrible auto accident he was in while returning home from RockyGrass in July. He spent a week in the hospital and had to undergo surgery, but