• Mountain Music to Make Welcome

    Mountain Music Entertainment, which recently indicated it would be shutting down operations, has announced that all its assets will be acquired by Make Welcome Entertainment. This comes as a result of Mountain Music principal Steve Johnson taking a position with Wilkes Community

  • Ideabang takes on Rocky Top

    Noted record producer and music entrepreneur Scott Rouse has announced a new licensing agreement between his company, IdeaBang, and House of Bryant Publications. The multi-year license covers branding and marketing for a variety of products that will be sold under

  • Jim Dickson RIP

    We have news of the passing of another notable figure, Jim Dickson, a west coast music producer who worked with a great many acoustic and bluegrass acts in Los Angeles. Dickson had produced the first four records for Country Gazette, which

  • Dixon Music Park for sale

    We heard last night from Bessie Reeder, who with her husband Scott has put on the Pickin' Time in Dixon festival over Labor Day weekend for 42 years. She tells us that theirs is the oldest bluegrass festival west of

  • Win a free track on New Cuts Of Bluegrass

    New Cuts Of Bluegrass and Bluegrass Today are partnering to offer an opportunity for independent bands and artists to get their music out to radio. New Cuts offers a bluegrass radio service, delivering a CD full of new music to over

  • Emerging Artist Support Group forum

    We posted in January about a new group of musicians and industry professionals in the bluegrass world who have come together to create and nurture opportunities for new and emerging artists in our community. They are just getting started, but

  • More bad news about music sales

    You don't have to follow the music industry closely to encounter news reports about the continuing decline in sales of recorded music. Piracy, YouTube, video games, and a decline in the quality of popular music have all been offered to

  • Emerging Artists Support Group

    This past weekend, a small group of bluegrass artists and industry professionals met at a rural Bed & Breakfast in Smithville, TN. The purpose of this 4 day retreat was to consider how to best support new artists in bluegrass

  • BMP begets CMP

    Bluegrass Music Profiles magazine burst upon the scene in the Spring of 2003, at a time when conventional wisdom insisted that print media was on its way out. They started as a black and white journal, on newsprint, which by