• Writing that High Lonesome Sound

    The following report comes from comes from Max Gainey. He details his experiences at World of Bluegrass 2011 from the perspective of an aspiring songwriter.  This September, as in past years, I went to Nashville to meet with bluegrass professionals as

  • Overview of three IBMA Keynotes

    Our friend Ted Lehmann has posted a nice overview of the Keynote presentations offered during the 2011 IBMA World of Bluegrass convention in Nashville. In a break from the past, IBMA hosted a trio of Keynotes this year instead of just

  • What Next for IBMA?

    Sunday afternoon often has an air of loneliness and finality for me, as the unstructured fun and fellowship of the weekend starts to fade with the advent of the renewed routine of Monday morning. A week ago Sunday was especially

  • Yet more IBMA photos

    We have several more galleries of brilliant photos from last week's IBMA bash in Nashville, which trying to recover from a week away has prevented us from posting - something we will start addressing today. This batch comes from Mike Mulligan.

  • Hard Rock after-party at IBMA

    After having made plans to spend last week at IBMA showcasing, exhibiting, reporting for Bluegrass Today, and otherwise immersing ourselves in the World of Bluegrass, I received a court order setting a hearing for Thursday morning in a case involving over seven

  • The funniest thing at IBMA 2011

    If it wasn't obvious from our IBMA 2011 coverage last week, a significant theme throughout this year's World of Bluegrass was the vexing and seemingly unavoidable question, "Is it bluegrass?" My impression is that there were more bands from outside the

  • Chris Pandolfi’s IBMA Address

    Chris Pandolfi has posted video of the Keynote Address he delivered last Tuesday (9/27) at IBMA's 2011 World Of Bluegrass convention. After a brief introduction from Craig Havighurst, Chris launches into the thoughts behind the Bluegrass Manifesto which he published earlier this

  • 2011 Fan Fest photos

    As we pack up to head back east from Nashville, here's one last photo gallery from Roy Swann, capturing this weekend's Fan Fest activities.  

  • They’re Changing MY Music

    As if I wasn’t conflicted already, Laurie Lewis had to fan the flames. The face of the Bill Monroe stared down from the huge banner that adorned the stage. Preparing to announce the Dobro Player of the year award, she