• When I’m Free – Hot Rize

    One of – if not the – most anticipated albums of the past year was the return of Hot Rize after twenty-odd years with When I’m Free. Since its release in late 2014, the group has embarked upon a popular

  • I Am The Road video from Hot Rize

    Bluegrass Underground has released a video from their recent taping, featuring a song from Hot Rize's current album, When I'm Free. Hot Rize taped a full set, which will be included in the next season of the PBS program starting this Fall,

  • Hot Rize video for A Cowboy’s Life

    Here's two new videos from the Hot Rize camp this week. First, an episode of Ask Dr. Banjo with banjo man Pete Wernick, where he talks about the band's adventure in New York City filming a video for A Cowboy's Life with

  • Waldo Otto visits eTown

    Bruised feelings would seem to be the norm within the Hot Rize family since the announcement that Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers would be performing at the 2015 RockyGrass festival without the Rizers, as you can see in this newly-released

  • Meanwhile, at the airport…

    One of the best parts of having Hot Rize back on tour again is tracking the mischief that Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers get into following the Hot Rize boys around on the road. Now, it appears that something is brewing between

  • Hot Rize in Ann Arbor

    Hot Rize made the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan one of the current tour stops where they played to a packed house. About a third of the audience were seeing them for the first time. The rest of us were

  • Blue Is Falling video from Hot Rize

    Hot Rize has created a music video for the debut single from their upcoming album, When I'm Free, their first in 24 years. This video for Blue Is Falling was shot in Boulder, CO at a benefit concert for victims of the terrible

  • Sneak peek from new Hot Rize CD

    Hot Rize has released a single track from their upcoming reunion album, due sometime this Fall. It's Blue Is Falling, the opening track on the CD whose title has not yet been announced. The single (and the album) features three original