• Finnders & Youngberg – review

    Last month we wrote about young bands who developed their musicianship in the bluegrass realm, only to apply the instrumental technique and sense of harmony and rhythm to original songs that are equally influenced by modern pop music. The point

  • When We Fall – Rebecca Frazier

    The release late last month of When We Fall from Rebecca Frazier was a welcome one for fans who hadn't heard her on record for the past ten years. The Virginia native was very visible in the first decade of the

  • Rebecca Frazier – When We Fall

    It wasn't long ago that Rebecca Frazier was a rising star in bluegrass music. Her band, Hit & Run Bluegrass, had been an invited showcase act at the 2005 IBMA World of Bluegrass, and she graced the cover of the Fall

  • John Frazier joins John Cowan Band

    Mandolinist John Frazier, a founding member of Hit & Run Bluegrass, has accepted a position with The John Cowan Band. John is a Philadelphia native, and joined Hit & Run after he moved to Colorado to attend college - where he

  • Hit & Run goes all Simpsons on us

    Things have been jumping of late for Rebecca and John Frazier of Hit & Run. In addition to managing a busy touring schedule, the two were married last summer (August '06), and they moved to Nashville from Colorado this spring.

  • Colorado Playboys on tour

    The Colorado Playboys are planning a December tour in, of all places, Colorado! And just who are the Colorado Playboys? The band is comprised of pickers who have or do play in other bands, and have gotten together just for this