• No more Highland Travelers

    Things move fast in the bluegrass world. Influential bands can come together quickly and make a big impact, only to disappear when plans and family situations change. And so it goes with Highland Travelers, a group which popped up earlier this

  • Highland Travelers at Kentuckians of Michigan

    Highland Travelers at the Kentuckians of Michigan (9/15/18) - photo © Bill Warren This past weekend was the opening of the winter bluegrass series presented by the Kentuckians of Michigan, who recently held their 58th annual picnic. This weekend marked something

  • Highland Travelers debut sizzles

    Let’s start with this: the Highland Travelers are not just a repackaged version of the Boxcars. Though they’ve retained the recently disbanded group’s three main vocalists and its firm grasp on the modern traditional sound, the Highland Travelers have a

  • Introducing Highland Travelers

    What do you get when you take three Boxcars and put them together with a dose of Ramblers Choice? According to Adam Steffey, you end up with Highland Travelers, a new band announced just this week. Following the breakup of The Boxcars