• Sizemore documentary on IndieGoGo

    The Herschel Sizemore documentary film project to which we alluded back in February continues apace. With a working title of Herschel Sizemore: A Mandolin in B, producer/director Rick Bowman has created a crowd sourcing campaign at indiegogo to raise funds to

  • Hillsville 1912 audio CD available

    We have mentioned before the film, Hillsville 1912, a story of murder and mayhem that still divides families and communities in parts of southwestern Virginia. This story of a courthouse shooting 100 years ago doesn't have a specific bluegrass connection, though

  • Sizemore documentary film preview

    We had extensive coverage last week of the momentous tribute offered to mandolin legend Herschel Sizemore at a benefit concert in Roanoke, VA on February 19. The show featured performances by artists as diverse as Punch Brothers and Seldom Scene,

  • Herschel Sizemore tribute

    In a long day of great music and great moments at Sunday’s benefit concert in Roanoke for Herschel and Joyce Sizemore, two backstage discussions captured the spirit of the man being feted and the music community that supported the event. One

  • Dixie Pals reunion in Roanoke

    Living as I do in Roanoke, VA, I am able to enjoy its vibrant and varied acoustic music scene. Roanoke has a rich bluegrass history, having served as the home for both Flatt & Scruggs and Reno & Smiley on

  • Sizemore benefit in February

    Last week we shared the wonderful news that Herschel Sizemore had come through his cancer treatment with a clean bill of health. His wife, Joyce, is still undergoing treatment for breast cancer - as is one of their two daughters. The

  • Great news – Herschel Sizemore in remission

    Pioneering bluegrass mandolinist Herschel Sizemore has spent the past few months battling a cancer in his throat, undergoing radiation treatments since October of last year. Today he spoke with both his ENT and his oncologist, who both gave him a clean

  • Some sad news from the Sizemores

    We have learned that last week, both Herschel and Joyce Sizemore received separate cancer diagnoses. I spoke with Joyce this morning, who relayed that she and Herschel took calls from their doctors less than 15 minutes apart. Herschel, of course, is