• Next To Nothing – new single for Hammertowne

    Next To Nothing is the latest single from Mountain Fever Records for Hammertowne, an eastern Kentucky group known for their quality material. Band leader David Carroll, who plays guitar, sings lead, and is the group's primary songwriter, says that this one

  • Daniel Norton to Hammertowne

    Hammertowne has announced the addition of a sixth member, reso-guitarist Daniel Norton. Daniel lives in Erwin in east Tennessee, about as far east as you can get, just along the North Carolina border. He grew up playing banjo with his family's

  • Bryan Russell returns to Hammertowne

    Hammertowne has announced a happy reunion within the band. Bassist Bryan Russell, who played with them for five years until he developed issues with his left arm and hand in 2019, is returning to the group. Dave Carroll, who heads up

  • Welcome Ryman Monroe Carroll!

    Announcing the littlest Hammertowner - and what a great bluegrass name! Chaston Carroll, mandolinist with Hammertowne, and his wife Shayla, are celebrating the birth of Ryman Monroe Carroll. She came into this world yesterday, weighing in at 7 lb, 8 oz,

  • Pictures – Hammertowne

    There’s something to be said about putting one’s music where one’s mouth is. Simply put, that means not only tapping into a traditional template but also sharing the stories that are compatible  with its vintage origins. That’s the mantra that Hammertowne

  • Doug Burchett returns to Hammertowne

    David Carroll and Doug Burchett with Hammertowne in July 2014 - photo by Shona Wilks Smith Hammertowne has announced some changes to their lineup, necessitated by current health issues being faced by their bass player, Bryan Russel. As most of our readers