• Rules change snares Galax mando record attempt

    Tara Linhardt, the driving force behind the two recent Guinness Book of World Record attempts for the largest mandolin ensemble during recent Old Fiddlers Conventions in Galax, VA, has released a forlorn statement on their most recent quest. It seems that a

  • Guinness record broken at Galax

    Hats off to Tara Linhardt, whose dream of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest mandolin ensemble was realized this afternoon at the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA. The previous record of 383 was held by a German aggregation,

  • Banjo Guinness Record photos

    As promised, John Drummond sent along some photos of the Guinness Record event last night at Turner Field in Atlanta. They were all taken by Bill Massey. Here the 238 banjo players who participated in the event run through their group

  • New Guinness Book record for banjo pickers

    Well, they did it! We have posted several times this summer about plans by the folks at Banjo.com to obtain a listing in The Guinness Book of World Records to honor Earl Scruggs. Yesterday in Atlanta, they succeeded, and the record

  • Guinness banjo attempt in Atlanta today

    We have told you previously about the folks at Banjo.com in Atlanta, and their attempt to set the Guinness Record for Largest Musical Ensemble - using banjo players. That record attempt, dubbed A Tribute To Earl Scruggs, is scheduled for