• Gibson names JC Curleigh as new CEO

    James "JC" Curleigh, new Gibson CEO and President Gibson Brands Inc announced today the naming of a new senior management team, including James "JC" Curleigh as the new CEO and President, stepping into the role played for many years by Henry Juszkiewicz.

  • Gibson Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

    Gibson Brands, makers of legendary guitars, mandolins, banjos and other instruments, filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday, a move designed to keep the company afloat while it tries to fix its finances. The Nashville-based company, founded in 1894, will refocus on its

  • What is going on with Gibson Banjos?

    Long before Les Paul started thinking about solid body electric guitars, the Gibson company - then located in Kalamazoo, MI - was known as one of the premier makers of banjos in the US. They provided tenors for the explosion

  • Kalamazoo Gals

    A new book released in January, Kalamazoo Gals, ties together several threads of mid-20th century Americana, bound together by the women who kept the Gibson guitar factory staffed during World War II. It was written by John Thomas, inspired by a

  • Gibson fires back at the Feds

    Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz responded last night to Monday's news of a settlement between his company and the US Department of Justice, involving a cash settlement and suspension of prosecution. In two separate incidents, federal agents have raided Gibson facilities, confiscating

  • Gibson backs down on exotic woods

    Though it does not apply to the acoustic instrument division, many bluegrass players have been following the case of Gibson Guitars and their investigation by the US government over charges of illegally importing woods for use in building guitars. In the

  • Gibson raid followup

    Reason magazine has put together a video followup to the legal controversy that arose last summer when a pair of federal agencies raided the Gibson Guitar company in Nashville. Large stocks of valuable wood were seized by armed agents, along