• Carolina Memories – Gentlemen of Bluegrass

    In bluegrass music, we have a King and a Queen, a Father and Daughters. What’s next? Gentlemen, perhaps. Recently making their debut on Pinecastle Records are the Gentlemen of Bluegrass, a North Carolina-based group with a strong, smooth traditional sound. Their

  • New projects from Pinecastle this year

    Pinecastle Records' Ethan Burkhardt shared some news today about what they have in the pipeline for 2014. They have just recently released a new CD for bassist/vocalist Matt Wallace, and had previously announced one coming from reso-man Phil Leadbetter and

  • Gentlemen of Bluegrass to Pinecastle

    If a band chooses the name Gentlemen of Bluegrass, they had better be prepared for comparisons to legendary The Country Gentlemen, whose name theirs undoubtedly calls to mind. And how many want to invite that comparison? Well these boys from Carolina feel