• Gaven Largent leaving Daily & Vincent

    Gaven Largent, the multi-talented young banjo player and reso-guitarist with Dailey & Vincent has announced that he is leaving the group. He had worked with Jamie and Darrin this past two years, appearing regularly on their television program and touring with

  • Gaven Largent to Dailey & Vincent

    Those of you who have been wondering what Gaven Largent was going to do with his considerable musical talents after leaving Blue Highway can wonder no longer. It was announced last night that he will be joining Dailey & Vincent on

  • Congratulations Gaven and Marissa!

    When Blue Highway announced yesterday that Justin Moses was joining the band on reso-guitar, a great many folks wondered, "What is up with Gaven?" Gaven Largent had been playing with the band since late in 2015, and most everyone thought he

  • Blue Highway says Happy Birthday to Gaven

    Blue Highway shared a couple of live videos from their 2016 tour to introduce the superb reso-guitar playing of their newest member, Gaven Largent, who turns 20 years old today. Fans of the band who have caught their live show since

  • Gaven Largent to Blue Highway

    In a surprise to no one who has been following the world of dobro playing of late, Blue Highway has announced that Gaven Largent has been chosen to join the band on the heels of original member Rob Ickes' departure. Gaven

  • Flamekeeper at SPBGMA

    As promised, Michael Cleveland unveiled his new young banjo player, Gaven Largent, during his set at SPBGMA last weekend. Largest who had been a SPBGMA regular since he was a young teen showed the audience more accustomed to seeing him

  • Gavin Largent to Flamekeeper

    Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper have announced the addition of Gaven Largent to the band, on both banjo and resonator guitar. He takes the spot recently vacated by Glenn Gibson who reported wanting to spend more time at home. Just 18 years of age,

  • Meyerband releases first CD

    You may known them as The Meyer Family, Meyer Bluegrass Band, or perhaps simply as The Meyers. Either way, these four talented young siblings now officially branded as Meyerband are among the most closely-watched up-and-comers in bluegrass music. Early notice came in