• No Time for Enemies – Gangstagrass

    Gangstagrass makes music that's decidedly different, and otherwise hard to envision, at least in theory. An unlikely blend of bluegrass and — of all things — an ample amount of rap and hip-hop. It makes for an unexpected — and

  • All For One video from Gangstagrass

    Gangstagrass, a hip-hop/bluegrass hybrid outfit from Brooklyn, has a new music video for their latest release, All For One. While not likely to please hard-core traditionalists (I'm talking to you, Dennis Jones), bluegrass lovers with an ear for different sounds

  • Dana & Lauren – Hip Hop’n grass

    Dana & Lauren, formerly The Shankman twins, have released a debut video from their new, self-titled CD. It's an odd musical pairing, featuring Dana on banjo and Lauren on fiddle offering up a grassy remake of Tupac Shakur's 1995 hit, California

  • Cumberland River on Justified tonight

    We've posted a few times about the FX original program Justified, and the bluegrass-tinged music they use during the show's soundtrack. It started with Rench, a hip hop artist who (as Ganstagrass) incorporates bluegrass elements in his music beds. He landed

  • Gangstagrass nominated for Emmy

    The hip-hop/bluegrass mashup known as Gangstagrass has been nominated for an Emmy. The Gangstagrass track Long Hard Times To Come serves as the theme song to the FX series Justified. The track has been nominated for an Emmy in the category

  • Gangstagrass returns with new CD

    Brance has posted a couple of times about Gangstagrass, the brainchild of New York artist Rench. His concept involves mixing the acoustic sound of bluegrass instruments and rhythms with hip hop beats and rhymes. It may not please purists in

  • Gangstagrass on Justified tonight

    Justified is a new TV show on the FX network. It's the story of a Deputy U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givens, in Kentucky. It looks like fun. The producers have mixed together some great ingredients: Kentucky, old fashioned quick-draw gun fights,

  • Gangstagrass

    If you're interested in something different, here it is. This is not for you purists - you know who you are. I would go so far as to say this is not for most bluegrass fans. It is not something