• Gravity – G-Runs ’N Roses

    It's fortunate that G-Runs ’N Roses are as clever about making music as they were when coming up with their handle. On first glance, however, the branding might be misleading. In truth, there was never any cause for mistaken identity. For

  • Petr Vošta to G-runs ‘n Roses

    Czech grassers G-runs 'n Roses have announced some changes in their lineup for next year. Guitarist Ondra Kozak is leaving to focus his energies on his new group, New Aliquot, and banjo player Ralph Schut is moving over to the guitar

  • Ataman from Ondra Kozák

    From the Czech Republic comes Ataman, a new album of guitar and mandolin music, written, arranged, recorded and performed by Ondra Kozák. Kozák is a busy man in the Czech bluegrass scene. He performs with a number of groups, including Fragment, G-Runs

  • Ondra Kozák to G-runs ‘n Roses

    The Czech Republic's G-runs ‘n Roses have announced that Ondra Kozák is now performing with the band on guitar. As it happens, his entry into the group was in response to the departure of their banjo player, Michal Wawrzyczek. Founding member Ralph Schut is switching from

  • EWOB 2010 – Award Winners

    More news from Europe today. The European World of Bluegrass recently concluded, and this years award winners have been announced. The awards are given in two different ways. First, the musicians performing at the event vote to elect from among their