• That Kind of Lonesome – Eddie Sanders

    I'm always intrigued by an all-original bluegrass album. We have a strong tradition in bluegrass of recycling older material – lyrics, melody lines, whole songs, etc. – so it's interesting to see what fresh ideas today's songwriters are coming up

  • Last Lonesome Pine from Eddie Sanders

    Engelhardt Music Group in Nashville has released a new single to radio from bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders. It's a song the Eddie wrote with Jon Weisberger and Adam Engelhardt about a memory from his growing up in Oklahoma. As a boy,

  • Till The River Starts To Rise from Eddie Sanders

    Engelhardt Music Group has a new single for bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders, Till The River Starts To Rise, which officially drops this Friday. Sanders is like many bluegrass artists, getting an early start in the music through family connections, playing extensively

  • Echoes Of Love from Eddie Sanders

    Oklahoma bluegrass singer and songwriter, Eddie Sanders, has released a third single from his upcoming project with Rural Rhythm Records and Engelhardt Music Group. Eddie has been around the music since he was a young'n, but stepped away for a while before

  • Run A Little Faster drops for Eddie Sanders

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a second single from bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders, produced in collaboration with Engelhardt Music Group. It also appears on his latest project, Fast Train To Lonesome, released back in mid-August. This new song was written by

  • First Eddie Sanders single, A Train Can Run Two Ways

    Rural Rhythm Records has announced a new partnership with Engelhardt Music Group, with the first fruit being a new single released this week by bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders. Working with Adam Engelhardt, a renowned engineer and producer in Nashville, is Glen Duncan,