• Echoes Of Love from Eddie Sanders

    Oklahoma bluegrass singer and songwriter, Eddie Sanders, has released a third single from his upcoming project with Rural Rhythm Records and Engelhardt Music Group. Eddie has been around the music since he was a young'n, but stepped away for a while before

  • Run A Little Faster drops for Eddie Sanders

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a second single from bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders, produced in collaboration with Engelhardt Music Group. It also appears on his latest project, Fast Train To Lonesome, released back in mid-August. This new song was written by

  • First Eddie Sanders single, A Train Can Run Two Ways

    Rural Rhythm Records has announced a new partnership with Engelhardt Music Group, with the first fruit being a new single released this week by bluegrass singer/songwriter Eddie Sanders. Working with Adam Engelhardt, a renowned engineer and producer in Nashville, is Glen Duncan,