• David Harvey – Gibson luthier and historian

    David Harvey is Master Luthier at Gibson (head of the Gibson mandolin department), a musician/singer/songwriter, and a historian with a vast knowledge of the early history of Gibson instruments. The musical maestro continues to give educational, interactive, visual presentations. "It was born

  • Gibson Bill Monroe Hall of Fame mandolin

    Gibson created quite a stir among mandolin aficionados at last week's NAMM Show in Anaheim with the first public display of their new Bill Monroe Hall of Fame mandolin. It was built by Gibson master luthier David Harvey and his team

  • Moody Bluegrass Two…Much Love

    June 21 has been announced as the official release date for a second set of bluegrass covers of classic songs from legendary 1960’s-70’s British pop-rockers The Moody Blues. The first, Moody Bluegrass, hit in 2004, combining the chart hits from

  • Gibson OAI Recovering from Flooding

    This post is a contribution from Mike Reed, one of our 2010 IBMA correspondents. See his profile here. I had an opportunity to catch David Harvey (head of the Mandolin, Banjo and Resonator side of the Gibson Company in Nashville) in

  • Larry Sparks Band reunion

    Larry Sparks has had a number of celebrated bands during his career, even recording recently with star-studded lineups. For many die-hard Sparks fans, however, the band that worked with Larry in the 1990s is considered to be one of his

  • David Harvey joins Gibson (OAI)

    The mandolin division at Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments is a place of legends. Names like Lloyd Loar and Charlie Derrington are ever present in the minds of mandolinists. Danny Roberts, of the Grascals, has also served a stint with Gibson

  • David Harvey bids farewell… for now

    Brance told us in early February that mandolinist Davide Harvey would be leaving his position with The Claire Lynch Band. Claire has just posted an open letter which David wrote to fans and friends of the band, to share the reasons

  • Claire Lynch auditioning mandolin players

    Claire Lynch is currently auditioning mandolin players to fill the role being vacated by longtime band member David Harvey. Harvey has been a member of the band for the last thee and half years and has contributed significantly to the