• Dave Adkins says We’re All Crazy!

    Mountain Fever Records has a new single today for powerhouse bluegrass vocalist Dave Adkins, one called We're All Crazy. It's offers a more contemporary sound for Adkins, a song from Skip Black, Aaron Goodvin, and Catt Gravitt. Dave says that the vibe

  • Better Days – Dave Adkins

    There’s no better way to kick off an album during this troubling times than to do so with a song called Better Days A Coming. Of course, Dave Adkins had no idea when he wrote it what it might mean to

  • Better Days A Coming from Dave Adkins

    Mountain Fever Records has released the first single from their next project with bluegrass powerhouse, Dave Adkins. Previous singles from Dave have spent time at #1 in both our Bluegrass and Gospel charts here at Bluegrass Today. For this debut single,

  • A Few Old Memories video from Chad Darou

    Bell Buckle Records has released a music video for the current single from Chad Darou, A Few Old Memories. It's one of the tracks on Chad's recent project, Raising The Bar. Written and recorded by Hazel Dickens back in '80s, the

  • Dub Bryant to Dave Adkins Band

    North Georgia bassist Dub Bryant has been announced as the newest member of the Dave Adkins Band. Dub has been involved in bluegrass music this past twenty years. Unlike many bass players who switch over from other instruments when a bassist

  • Dave Adkins introduces new band for 2019

    Popular bluegrass singer and songwriter, Dave Adkins, has been in touch today with some news about his touring band headed into the new year. For several years now, Dave has been winning fans in the bluegrass world for his uniquely powerful

  • 20 Things you didn’t know about Dave Adkins

    There is no mistaking the raw and powerful vocals of singer, songwriter and guitarist Dave Adkins. His significant chart success, coupled with his stellar live performances, have made him one of most talked-about male vocalists in acoustic music. Dave recently