• Darren Beachley signs with Patuxent Records

    Only a few weeks after receiving notification that Darren Beachley had left Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver to form his own band, Beachley has signed a recording contract with Patuxent Records. Beachley joined forces with Mike Auldridge, Tom Gray, Norman Wright and

  • Kenny Ray Horton – A Canary’s Song

    We heard yesterday from Kenny Ray Horton, guitarist and lead vocalist with the US Navy's Country Current, who is about to release a new solo project. A Canary's Song, which features 7 songs of Horton's amidst the 11 tracks, will hit

  • Darren Beachley on Bluegrass Country

    WAMU's Bluegrass Country has an interview with Darren Beachley lined up for Thursday morning (2/5). At 9:00 a.m. Katy Daley will chat with Darren about his new venture, Darren Beachley & Legends of the Potomac. He has assembled a stellar band

  • Darren Beachley to leave Quicksilver

    Darren Beachley has announced that he will be leaving Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver at the end of this month. Here is his statement about the move... "I will be leaving the group at the end of January. It was a life long