• David Carroll to Darrell Webb

    The Darrell Webb Band has announced a new acquisition. David Carroll is now the banjo picker with the band. David is well-known as a crackerjack on the five in his native southwestern Virginia, where he played for several years with The

  • Darrell Webb out with The Grascals

    Jamie Johnson, vocalist for The Grascals, is suffering from flu-like symptoms, and has been grounded by his doctor. He has no voice, and is too weak to travel. In his stead, Darrell Webb will be out with the band this weekend

  • Behind The Dream – Darrell Webb

    Rural Rhythm has begun releasing editions of their BlueHighways TV show, Behind The Dream, as online videos. The half hour program debuted last Fall, with Mike Scott serving as host. Each episode features a Rural Rhythm artist, combining one-on-one interviews with

  • Grassers with Bobby and Billy Ray Cyrus

    Unless you've been living in a cave since 1992, there's a strong likelihood that you are familiar with country singer and TV personality Billy Ray Cyrus. Odds are you are also acquainted with his daughter, singer, actress and gal-about-town, Miley. But

  • The Pistol And The Pen video from Darrell Webb

    Rural Rhythm has released a first video from Breaking Down The Barriers, their recent release from The Darrell Webb Band. It was produced and directed by Sammy Passamano, who also shot the footage with Jeff Tolbert. Written by Skip Ewing, The Pistol And The

  • Photos from Back 40 Bluegrass Festival

    This report from Back 40 Bluegrass is the first of what we hope will be many contributions from Bryan Dietz. Back 40 Bluegrass Festival occurs twice a year, Memorial Day Weekend and the first weekend in August. Hosted by the Turnbull family,

  • Bluegrass Comes To The Valley this weekend

    Tomorrow (9/15) marks the premiere of Bluegrass Comes To The Valley on RFD-TV. This two-part miniseries will air as part of the network's popular Reno’s Old Time Music program, with Ronnie Reno visiting the famed Renfro Valley in Kentucky. In addition to

  • Darrell Webb preview video

    Rural Rhythm Records has put together a preview video for Breaking Down The Barriers, the upcoming album from  The Darrell Webb Band. The video starts with Darrell playing mandolin in a serene, Fall mountain setting, and proceeds through a number of

  • She’s Outta Here from Darrell Webb

    Rural Rhythm has released a first single from Breaking Down The Barriers, the upcoming album from The Darrell Webb Band, due to hit August 14. The single is She's Outta Here, written by Webb and Jeff Barbra. It's a driving bluegrass