• Darrell Brothers descend on IBMA

    As if the folks at the IBMA offices didn't have enough on their hands... The Darrell Brothers showed up at IBMA headquarters this week, expecting to sign an agreement to host this year's International Bluegrass Music Awards, and I don't think it

  • Darrell Brothers chime in on the election

    Here's a bit of political whimsy for you as you watch tonight's Super Tuesday election returns. It comes from those bluegrass rascals, The Darrell Brothers, who felt compelled to respond after seeing our story last week about Nathan Stanley endorsing Donald Trump. FOR

  • Darrell Brothers challenge The Gibsons

    Things are starting to heat up between two of bluegrass music's prominent brother acts. As part of their campaign to win the coveted hosting position at the 2016 International Bluegrass Music Awards, The Darrell Bothers have taken to impugning the

  • Darrell Brothers to host the IBMA Awards?

    You've got to have some sympathy for the poor old International Bluegrass Music Association. On Sunday, their Facebook page was hacked (now back under their control), and they woke up this morning to find that The Darrell Brothers have started