• Danny Paisley – The Old Swingin Bridge video

    How about some uncompromisingly old school bluegrass for your Christmas week? Here's Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass belting out The Old Swinging Bridge recently at an after-show concert during the 2012 Pickathon festival in Portland, OR.   The video was shot by

  • Danny Paisley talks Road Into Town

    Patuxent Music has put together a short video with studio footage and interview clips with Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass as they were recording their latest album. The video is set to the title track, The Road Into Town, a

  • Closing the loop at Delaware Valley

    Our good friend Katy Daley, morning host at WAMU's Bluegrass Country, shared a touching story that occurred over this past weekend at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival. It was the closing of a loop, one that began in 1972 when

  • Detour to Roe Entertainment

    Detour, Michigan's hottest bluegrass band, has been announced as the newest artist to be represented by Roe Entertainment. The group has made a big splash with their latest CD, A Better Place, whose opening track, Quarterline Road, has spent several weeks at or near

  • Del, Danny and Béla at DelFest

    Here's a fun video from DelFest, with The Del McCoury Band sharing the stage with Danny Paisley and Béla Fleck. Check out their soaring version of Can't You Hear Me Calling. That's some mighty fine pickin' and singin'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twD2YwCPXM8  

  • Last day at Gettysburg

    Here is the final gallery of images from Frank Baker, shot on Sunday, the final day of last weekend's 2012 Spring Gettysburg Bluegrass festival. You can see the other three galleries here. Big thanks to Frank not only for shooting for

  • Paisley studio shots

    Tom Mindte of Patuxent Music sent along these photos of Danny Paisley in the studio with the Southern Grass, taken by Michael G. Stewart. They are tracking this week for a new album to be released on Pauxent later this year.

  • Danny Paisley in the studio

    Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass are in the studio tracking a new project for Patuxent Music. No details yet about songs to be included, nor a release date, but we do know that Danny is recording with Doug Meek on

  • Blue Yodel #10 – Quantum Lyrics

    I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the Brian Greene PBS series The Fabric of the Cosmos lately. It’s fascinating—things blow up and there’s talk about black holes and eleven dimensions. What I’ve learned is that somewhere there’s