• Daniel Salyer solo EP

    In the 1990s, there was a very popular sound in bluegrass featuring smooth male vocals and a polished, contemporary sound. Ronnie Bowman was perhaps the prime exemplar of this style. The projects he recorded, both with Lonesome River Band and

  • Second Time Around – Jason Davis

    If you've caught a Junior Sisk show this past few years, or heard his last two records, you know what a blistering banjo picker he has in Jason Davis. This month, at the age of 23, Davis is seeing his second

  • Enter Monroeville

    Another new young band! Monroeville has emerged from the dust-up that saw the members of Second Wind leave Barry Scott en masse in July. They have been active only a week, but much is expected from this talented bunch of pickers. Despite

  • Barry Scott and Second Wind – 2 CDs in 2010

    Former Quicksilver vocalist Barry Scott is currently in the studio, along with his talented band Second Wind, completing a pair of recordings to be released later this year. First out will be an all-Gospel album, self-produced by the band, which they

  • Every Time I Walk This Road

    We first mentioned Thomas Wywrot's superb new CD, Every Time I Walk This Road, back in November of last year. At that time, the CD had just been completed and Thomas shared a few thoughts about the songs - and

  • Daniel Salyer to Second Wind

    Barry Scott is shaking things up in his road band, Second Wind, at the start of the new year. Daniel Salyer is coming in to play guitar and sing tenor. Barry is moving to bass, filling the void left when original