• Welcome Owen John Grindstaff!

    Finn Grindstaff with his new baby brother, Owen Daniel Grindstaff, banjo player with Merle Monroe, and his wife Kristen, are celebrating the birth of their second child last month. Owen John Grindstaff was born on May 24 at 12:40 a.m. He came

  • Merle Monroe signs with Pinecastle

    Pinecastle Records has announced the signing of a new bluegrass act, Merle Monroe, consisting of a pair of veterans coming together to share the particular kind of music they love best. The two principals are Tim Raybon, long time grasser and

  • Welcome Finn Grindstaff

    We heard this morning from Tennessee banjo picker Daniel Grindstaff, who has worked of late with Marty Raybon and Bobby Osborne. He shared some happy news from he and his wife, Kristen. "Daniel Finn Grindstaff arrived June 14th, right on his due

  • New lineup with Marty Raybon

    Marty Raybon shared some info about the latest lineup of his touring bluegrass band. In addition to bringing on temps to play banjo while Chis Wade is undergoing cancer treatment, Marty has hired Jason Leek on bass and Tim Laughlin

  • Daniel Grindstaff leaving Marty Raybon

    We heard this morning from Daniel Grindstaff, banjo player with Marty Raybon. “After four years as a full time member, I will be stepping down from my position with Marty Raybon & Full Circle. I have worked a lengthy notice to