• Special box set offers from Cadillac Sky

    We have posted several times recently about the next CD from Cadillac Sky, and the path it has taken along the way. They have always fluttered along the fringes of multiple musical formats - so much so that categorizing their sound

  • C-Sky to Dualtone

    Dualtone Records has announced that the next CD from Cadillac Sky, Letters In The Deep, will be released on the Nashville-based label in mid-2010. There has been a lot of buzz about this project, given the band's increasingly envelope-pushing repertoire, and

  • Cadillac Sky and The Black Keys

    When we last spoke with Cadillac Sky's Bryan Simpson, he was excited about the release of the band's new 4-song EP, Weary Angel. At that time, he mentioned that C-Sky was intending to start work on a new full length recording