• Commonwealth Bluegrass to Southern Belle Booking

    Southern Belle Booking is now working with Richmond, VA's Commonwealth Bluegrass Band. There they join a number of other top bluegrass entertainers like Bobby Osborne, Hammertowne, Nu-Blu, The Churchmen, and several others. The band is headed by mandolinist Randy Cook and

  • Thursday at Nothin’ Fancy ’16

    Nothin’ Fancy has what can only be described as “hardcore” fans, as evidenced by a fan's fingernails we saw yesterday at the Nothin' Fancy Festival in Buena Vista, VA. Mike Andes posed with the band’s new CD. He said something about

  • New members to Commonwealth Bluegrass Band

    Richmond, VA's Commonwealth Bluegrass Band, formerly known as Randy Cook & Commonwealth, has brought two new members into the group. Cook is still onboard, notwithstanding the name change, playing mandolin and singing, but wanted the name to reflect the fact that

  • Randy Cook & Commonwealth Bluegrass Band

    There’s a certain satisfaction in pressing play and hearing straightforward, modern traditional bluegrass music. While boundary-stretching can certainly open doors to new fans and it’s always interesting to hear new innovations and styles, it’s also nice to come across a