• Colebrook Road to Rockwood Booking

    Brian Swenk, principal with Rockwood Booking, has announced the signing of Mountain Fever recoding artists Colebrook Road for exclusive representation. The Pennsylvania group has been performing together since 2009, but have expanded their touring substantially in recent years since their 2019

  • Hindsight is 2020 – Colebrook Road

    Like many of their peers, Colebrook Road cull from tradition while also paying heed to the contemporary sounds of modern bluegrass, as proffered by the likes of Steep Canyon Rangers, Punch Brothers, and all the other outfits that have become

  • Run Run Rudolph drops for Colebrook Road

    Mountain Fever Records has released their first entry in the 2020 bluegrass Christmas sweepstakes, with a new single from Pennsylvania's Colebrook Road. The guys have put together an acoustic treatment of Run Run Rudolph, Chuck Berry's whimsical holiday favorite from 1958.

  • All You Need To Know from Colebrook Road

    Mountain Fever Records has a new single from Colebrook Road, released this week along with a music video. This contemporary bluegrass quintet from Harrisburg, PA is led by guitarist and vocalist, Jesse Eisenbise, who is also the group's primary songwriter. He

  • Colebrook Road on time at Grey Fox

    Take a ride on Colebrook Road. It will take you to some fantastic places. One recent stop was Grey Fox 2019 and, man, that was quite a jaunt! Colebrook Road, fully emerged, after being an emerging artist at Grey Fox 2018, kicked off

  • On Time – Colebrook Road

    It could be considered a credit to a band’s songwriting prowess when an album dominated by original material also includes a well known cover, but it’s not necessarily distinct from any of their other offerings. One can give a nod

  • On Time from Colebrook Road

    Mountain Fever Records has released a debut single from their upcoming project with Colebrook Road. This will be the third album for the Pennsylvania quintet, and their first with Mountain Fever. Like many new bands, the Road spent time their first