• Deadline nears for Circa-Blue Song Contest

    Bluegrass songwriters have until midnight May 15 (Eastern time) to submit entries for the second annual Circa Blue Fest Songwriting Contest. The contest is held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Circa Blue Fest, June 7-10, in Martinsburg, WV. Cash prizes

  • Circa-Blue Fest launches songwriting contest

    Attention bluegrass songwriters! Here's another chance to get your songs out amongst the many artists looking for material. The Circa-Blue Fest, held each May in Martinsburg, WV, has announced a new songwriting contest. The deadline to enter is March 31, with

  • Bells Of Home – Circa Blue

    Every year, National Media Services, a studio and disc replication company in northern Virginia, chooses one of its clients to record a Christmas album in-house. It’s a pretty sweet deal, with the opportunity for media attention on both sides of

  • Lyric video for Bells Of Home

    Circa Blue has produced a lyric video for the title track and first single from their Christmas album, Bells Of Home, with Dawn Kenney. The song, written by David Morris and Dawn Kenney, is based on a 1944 Christmas Day battle in Belgium,

  • Circa Blue Christmas tour starts soon

    Here's another bluegrass Christmas tour getting ready to start up next month. Circa Blue will be performing selections from their new Bells Of Home CD in a series of concerts centered around our nation's capitol in December. Just as on the

  • Bells Of Home from Circa Blue

    It looks like it's that time again. No sooner than the leaves begin to turn, Christmas music in is the air. And first up so far this year is Bells Of Home from Circa Blue, the title track from their Christmas

  • August 2016 in Gettysburg

    Once again, we were fortunate to have Frank Baker at the August 2016 Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival in Pennsylvania to capture images of the festivities. Here's his first of several installments.

  • Circa Blue selected for NMS Christmas album

    National Media Services, the full-service studio and disc replication facility in Northern Virginia, has a tradition they follow every year. They choose a band or artist from among their list of loyal customers, and invite them in record a Christmas-themed