• Chris Wade gets the best possible news

    For the past six months we have been following the medical saga of Chris Wade, the young banjo picker with Marty Raybon & Full Circle. In September of 2012, the 24-year old was given a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, a form of

  • Great news from Chris Wade

    The last time we posted about Marty Raybon's young banjo picker Chris Wade, it was with sad and somewhat depressing news. The 24 year old student in the ETSU Bluegrass, Old Time & Country Music program had received a diagnosis

  • New lineup with Marty Raybon

    Marty Raybon shared some info about the latest lineup of his touring bluegrass band. In addition to bringing on temps to play banjo while Chis Wade is undergoing cancer treatment, Marty has hired Jason Leek on bass and Tim Laughlin

  • Chris Wade undergoing cancer treatment

    Chris Wade, the 24 year old banjo player with Marty Raybon, has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Though a frightening diagnosis at any age, for such a young person it is doubly shocking. The specific cancer is known as Osteosarcoma, and it