• Green Yodel #21 – Sláinte! (Part 1)

    We all know the story of how bluegrass came to Ireland—how Bill Monroe banished the dreadful snakes and taught three-part harmony with a shamrock. While some may doubt the accuracy of this account, none can dispute the fact that in the

  • Blue Yodel #19 – Moneygrass

    March Madness, to me, doesn’t mean basketball. Rather, it’s the perennial delusion that just by showing up in Peoria, Arizona, and running a few wind-sprints, the San Diego Padres are guaranteed in seven months to be spraying champagne over themselves after

  • Blue Yodel #18 – Pete Goble

    I hope when I’m 80 years old I can say what Pete Goble said to me on the phone the other day: “I’m writing more songs now than I ever did in my life and I think I’m writing better songs.” I

  • Blue Yodel #17 – #bluegrassgrammy-attackads

    Tweets in Response to Steve Martin's Blatant Attempt to Increase Public Awareness of Bluegrass Grammy #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin claims to be illegitimate son of Jimmy Martin. Nope, says Jimmy in Skype session from beyond. #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin mispronounces “banjo” on Letterman. No,

  • Blue Yodel #15 – NAMMMMMMM

    The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) Show is held less than a mile from Disneyland. One is a commercial shrine to prepubescent entertainment and sensory overload. The other is a theme park. Or, maybe I should say the NAMM Show

  • Blue Yodel #12 – Ciúnas Gan Uaigneas

    This year, I mean it. No more abandoning resolutions to learn the fiddle or write a song every week. No more good intentions turned into shovel-ready projects to hell. No more orgy of self-loathing with two guys named Ben &

  • Monroe at the gate

    Inspired by Chris Stuart's 2011 Holiday Poem, illustrator Ryan Wilson imagines Big Mon at the pearly gates welcoming some of the notable bluegrass icons who passed on this year. Can you name them all?