• 2023 Charlotte Bluegrass Festival wrap up

    Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper at Charlotte 2023 - photo © Bill Warren The 51st Charlotte Bluegrass Festival was a rousing success. A large crowd enjoyed a DRY weekend with lots of stage music and campground jamming. Once again Terri Grannis and Duffy

  • Thursday at Charlotte Bluegrass Festival

    Williamson Branch at the 2023 Charlotte Bluegrass Festival - photo © Bill Warren Thursday marked the start of the 51st Charlotte Bluegrass Festival. It is held at the Eaton County Fairgrounds in Charlotte (pronounced Shar-lot), Michigan. Wes Pettinger took over promotion of

  • 50th Charlotte Bluegrass Festival underway

    The Kody Norris Show at the 2022 Charlotte Bluegrass Festival - photo © Bill Warren The Charlotte Bluegrass Festival is celebrating its 50th year at the Eaton County Fairgrounds in Charlotte, Michigan. Wes Pettinger took over promoting the festival several years

  • Charlotte Bluegrass Festival is back in 2021!

    Host band Harbourtown at the 2021 Charlotte Bluegrass Festival In short: We are back! The 48th/49th Charlotte Bluegrass Festival kicked off Wednesday evening after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 festival. Promoter Wes Pettinger spent time going through

  • Throwback pictures from Candidpix

    We are all in this “social distancing” boat together even though we are far apart. I thought it would brighten all of our days to look back at some of the pictures from the Candidpix.info archives. These are from the 2004 Charlotte,

  • Sun comes out for the weekend at Charlotte

    Wednesday night and Thursday morning brought inches of rain to the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival. But Friday and Saturday brought acres of sunshine and warmth! One little girl had found some of the remaining mud and was having great fun wading