• Charlie Haden Family & Friends Concert

    It was around this time last year that we were telling you about a new CD by renowned jazz bassist Charlie Haden. Rambling Boy marked Haden's return to his bluegrass/country roots. Soon after, Haden was performing on the Grand Ole Opry. On

  • Jack Black on the Opry

    We knew that comedian Jack Black had an interest in bluegrass, and we recently told you he would be performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Now we've got the video. On Saturday, Feb 28, 2009, he performed the Opry with his

  • Charlie Haden to make Opry debut

    Three-time Grammy-winning jazz bass icon Charlie Haden along with actor and son-in-law Jack Black will make their debuts on the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night. (February 28). Leading the two shows on the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman

  • Jack Black Bluegrass?

    Bluegrass music has had no shortage of funny men down through the years. From Stringbean to Wichita Rutherford, bluegrass fans have been able to enjoy a good laugh along with the music. Jack Black is a funny man for sure. He's

  • Charlie Haden returns to the fold

    Charlie Haden is a name that serious jazz fans will recognize, but for folks in the bluegrass an acoustic world, it may not be familiar. With his star-studded new release, Rambling Boy, out this week, you might expect him to