• Carter Stanley’s Eyes from Peter Rowan

    Peter Rowan has paid his dues, spending more than 50 years in and around bluegrass, sharing the stage with everyone from Bill Monroe and Jerry Garcia. Now, he’s paying tribute. His new CD on Rebel Records is called Carter Stanley’s Eyes.

  • Carter Stanley – 50 Years On

    December 1, 2016, marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of Carter Stanley, described as an Appalachian mountain musical legend. With the passage of five decades, fewer of us have been alive long enough to have seen Carter Stanley onstage, some

  • KSBTM to recreate final Stanley Brothers performance

    The Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music at Hazard Community and Technical College, has devised a terrific program to mark the 50th Anniversary of Carter Stanley's final performance on October 21, and offer their students a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. It

  • A Life of Sorrow in Arizona 

    “Ask me about the Stanley Brothers." That is the legend on the pocket of Gary Reid’s crisp, white shirt. So, did the Stanley Brothers do any shows in Arizona? Regardless of the answer, Reid, a Stanley Brothers enthusiast since his teenage years,

  • Gary Reid working on Carter Stanley bio

    With a pair of nominations for the 2015 IBMA Print/Media Person of the Year in hand, Gary Reid is moving ahead with yet another book project that is sure to be welcomed by the bluegrass reading public. His nomination this year

  • A Life of Sorrow – a video vignette

    We've written several times of late about Gary Reid and his one-man show telling the life story of Carter Stanley, A Life of Sorrow – the Life and Times of Carter Stanley. Gary has spent several years writing the play,

  • Gary Reid is Carter Stanley

    Gary Reid has long had a reputation as a serious student of The Stanley Brothers. Having written the liner notes for several CD editions of Stanley music, both Carter and Ralph's and Ralph's alone, his name is closely associated with theirs. He's also