• Carl White on a roll

    Carl White, the newest member of Monroeville, was involved in a serious automobile accident last night in Tennessee. Fortunately, though he lost control on slick roads and rolled the truck, he emerged unharmed. Matthew Munsey, mandolinist with Monroeville, shared the harrowing

  • Carl White to Monroeville

    Carl White, former bass player and sometime drummer with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, has been announced as the newest member of Monroeville. He will contribute vocally and on other instruments as well, while also assuming the position of senior statesman

  • Darrell Webb reporting from Bean Blossom

    Darrell Webb has posted a video from backstage at Bean Blossom, where he and his band performed over the past weekend. In this report, Darrell and Carl White, fill-in Darrell Webb Band bass player and notorious Quicksilver drummer, talk about the

  • It’s worse than we thought…

    We've reported of late on the disturbing news about Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver touring with a live drummer. It's something we might expect from Mountain Heart, who were formed after a collective internship as Quicksilverers, but not from the man

  • OMG – he’s done it again!

    More evidence has come forward in re Doyle Lawson touring with a percussionist. Here is a photo from last night at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, NC. It clearly shows Carl White, former and occasional member of Quicksilver, sitting