• Byron Berline’s Fiddle Shop lives on

    February 21, 2019 was the day a tossed cigarette struck a blaze that burned a major historical part of noted bluegrass fiddler Byron Berline’s life. His beloved Double Stop Fiddle Shop and Concert Hall in Guthrie, OK had been destroyed

  • Reflection on Byron Berline from Jack Tottle

    Byron was one lovely, friendly, and articulate guy. He was among the most tasteful, talented, and solid fiddle players ever.  It would be hard to think of another bluegrass musician who performed and recorded in more diverse situations. The list is

  • Americana Fest at the American Banjo Museum

    This Saturday, June 27, the American Banjo Museum will host their 5th annual Americana Fest in Oklahoma City. But owing to social distancing requirements, this year's fest will be a virtual, online-only event featuring Oklahoma area entertainers. Johnny Baier, executive director

  • Danielle Szabo – the last soul lives on

    Let me take you on a trip. A trip to Guthrie, to Byron Berline’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop, which burned February 23, 2019. The devastation hit the fiddle community with full force, much like an F5 tornado, leaving everything in

  • A new chapter for Byron Berline

    Byron Berline with Ridge Roberts at the newly reopened Double Stop Fiddle Shop - photo by Pamm Tucker On February 24, 2019, Byron Berline's Double-Stop Fiddle Shop in Guthrie, OK went up in flames. While devastated, many in the local community as

  • Music Never Dies – All in for Byron

    February 24, 2019, the heartbeat of bluegrass in Guthrie, OK was shattered. An unforgiving wind drove the flames as they engulfed a flower shop on E Oklahoma Street, and moved them into the music store and concert hall next door.