• Video tease from Buddy and Milan

    Buddy Melton and Milan Miller have released a video to introduce everyone to their new duo album, Secrets, Dreams & Pretty Things. Buddy, of course, is the fiddler and tenor singer with Balsam Range, and Milan is a noted songwriter who

  • George Shuffler is The Boy From Valsese

    As we approach the 70th anniversary of the original bluegrass band, we find ourselves missing a good many of the pioneers that brought it to life. Many have received flowers while they were living, while others passed before seeing bluegrass

  • New single from Summer McMahan

    Summer McMahan, the talented lead singer for Mountain Faith, has struck out on her own with a new self-produced solo project, The Story Of My Life. In reviewing the band's last album, Battlefield, we offered high praise for her singing and

  • Don’t You Worry About Me – Rachel Burge

    West Virginian Rachel Burge may not yet be a household name in the bluegrass community, but judging from her debut solo project, Don't You Worry About Me, that could be about to change. She serves currently as mandolinist with Mountain Fever recording artists, No

  • Buddy Melton back on stage with Balsam Range

    Balsam Range fiddler Buddy Melton made his return to the stage on Saturday (4/7) in Canton, NC following a freak accident last month that required facial reconstruction surgery. His recovery has been both rapid and remarkable, and the band was delighted

  • Buddy Melton in the studio

    The entire bluegrass world was horrified when word of Balsam Range, fiddler Buddy Melton's accident came to light last month. While loading cattle on March 12, a cow kicked at the truck door, slamming it into Buddy's face, and causing some severe

  • Update from Balsam Range

    Balsam Range is in the studio this week, working on a new project for Mountain Home. At least most of them are. Fiddler Buddy Melton is still recuperating from a head injury and concomitant facial reconstruction surgery, and he was surely on