• Gospel Choices with Bob Amos

    Here’s a further contribution of an occasional feature, where we ask bluegrass personalities to choose their top five Gospel songs. This week we hear from Bob Amos who has a particular love for the songs on an early 1970s Ralph

  • Bob Amos working on Bluegrass Album

    We got a note recently from Bob Amos, whose current band, Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing, has been featured at concerts and festivals in the northeast this past 2013 season. “I am working on a new bluegrass album. Once again it

  • Songwriter Profile – Bob Amos

    Bob Amos is best known as the leader of the Front Range, a quartet formed in 1984 and based in the Denver and Fort Collins area, named after the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies. He was born the fourth of

  • Bob Schacht passes

    Bass player Bob Schacht passed away at his home in Flagstaff on December 30, 2012. He was 69 years old. Born September 18, 1943, in Racine, Wisconsin, Robert Marshall Schacht was the second of five children. His was a musical family

  • Borrowed Time from Bob Amos

    It’s been nearly a decade since Bob Amos put out a bluegrass CD, with the talented and widely praised band Front Range. But fans who have pined for Front Range since the band’s final album in 2003 will find the former

  • Borrowed Time from Bob Amos

    If you have followed bluegrass music more than ten years or so, you'll recall a band from Colorado called Front Range. They had a string of successful records and toured all over the US until the death of a band

  • Bob Amos songwriter chat tonight

    Tonight (March 20) will find bluegrass singer/songwriter Bob Amos as the guest on The Bluegrass Guide's monthly Songwriter Chat. Bob is a founding member of Colorado's Front Range, and has a new CD with his Bob Amos Band, Reels Of