• 2019 BMAI award winners

    The Roe Family Singers with their 2019 BMAI Awards The Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa gave out their 4th annual awards on November 2 on the final day of the Honey Creek Bluegrass Festival in Moravia, IA. Nominees and winners are selected

  • Nominees announced for 2019 BMAI awards

    The Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa has announced the nominees for their 4th annual BMAI Awards. They were chosen by a vote of the organization's membership, and winners will be announced throughout the day on November 2 during the 10th

  • 2016 BMAI Award Winners

    The winners of the 1st Annual Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa Awards were announced during an awards show in Moravia, Iowa on Sunday October 30, 2016. Awards were distributed as the closing event at the Association's 7th Annual Honey Creek Resort Festival. And the winners

  • BMAI Bluegrass Awards nominees announced

    The Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa will hold its first ever awards ceremony later this month to recognize bluegrass artists in the state. Like the IBMA awards on which they are patterned, these BMAI honors are meant to salute performers

  • BMAI picks up two former SPBGMA festivals

    Members and followers of the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America are probably aware of the fact that SPBGMA founder Chuck Stearman has been in declining health, and that the activities of the organization have been circumscribed this