• The end for the Bluegrass Ireland Blog?

    Richard Hawkins, the editor of The Bluegrass Ireland Blog since November 2005, has announced his forthcoming retirement from this role.  In a statement on the Blog, he indicated …..   "I intend to give up work on the Bluegrass Ireland Blog (BIB)

  • Bluegrass in Ireland moved to Facebook

    With the retirement of Richard Hawkins, originator and manager of The Bluegrass Ireland Blog, the task of keeping the enthusiastic Irish bluegrass scene informed online has fallen to Ray O'Brien, who keeps things up to date with the Bluegrass In Ireland

  • Green Yodel #21 – Sláinte! (Part 1)

    We all know the story of how bluegrass came to Ireland—how Bill Monroe banished the dreadful snakes and taught three-part harmony with a shamrock. While some may doubt the accuracy of this account, none can dispute the fact that in the